Paradox Mould with one Nosepin (extra nose pins are $275)                                         $950

Paradox Regulator  (steel is standard, please add $25 for bronze)                                 $675

Paradox Fixer                                                                                                                                 $275


Paradox Set (includes all the above correctly marked tools)                                              $1900


Bronze Rifle Moulds (large, medium and small sizes)                                                         $695

Steel Rifle Moulds (as above)                                                                                                       $675

Bronze Mould for Mr. Purdey’s Express Train Two Groove bullet                                     $875

Nosepins for the above moulds                                                                                                    $275

Iron Pincer Moulds for round balls  (William Davies’Patent)                                            $550


Double screw Capper/Decapper like Hawksleys’ A80                                                          $545

Bullet Crimper similar to Hawksleys’ A87 plier type (bronze)                                            $385

Capper/decapper with knockout rod like Dixon’s No.1197 (brass or nickel silver)      $225

Steel Cylindrical Resizing dies with two punches                                                                  $295

Bullet Seater of the thread type (bronze or nickel silver)                                                      $300

Wad Punch                                                                                                                                       $130

Ebony Cleaning Rod with Gunmetal fittings                                                                          $150

Jags, oilers and turksheads                                                                                                        $60 each

Turnscrews with elliptically turned handles and brass ferrules                                       $275

Rifles Sling Swivels with snap gates (loops any size from 3/4″ t0 1 3/16″)                   $275 per pair

Powder Flask Swivel                                                                                                                             $175

Brass Case Crimper (Kynoch style)                                                                                               $375

Wad Seating Tool (Barclay’s Patent)                                                                                            $295



Coming soon are nickel silver Dougall and Bartram Patent powder measures both fixed and adjustable,

mainspring vises, T-handle nipple wrenches, striker nut spanners and sling swivels for .600 Nitro rifles

and large Bore rifles (with loops from 1″ to 1 3/8″).


Bullet Moulds can be made to cast a bullet that shoots in your rifle. (Please provide a sample).


Accessories can be serial numbered to your rifle or gun at no extra charge.


Please contact Mike Rowe if you have requirements for tools other than those listed.

Other items can be specially made on a bespoke basis.